Laravel Community Treasures: Boost Your Development with These Essential Packages and Resources

Ismat Babirli
3 min readApr 5
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The Laravel community is known for its strong ecosystem of packages and resources that can help developers build powerful web applications. In this blog post, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the top Laravel packages and resources that will undoubtedly boost your development experience.

1. Laravel Debugbar

Debugging is a critical part of any development process, and Laravel Debugbar is an essential package for Laravel developers. It provides a robust debugging toolbar that displays various debugging information, including queries, cache usage, and performance metrics.


2. Laravel IDE Helper

Laravel IDE Helper is a must-have package for developers who use an integrated development environment (IDE) like PhpStorm. It generates helper files that improve code completion, syntax highlighting, and other IDE features, making the development process smoother.


3. Laravel Telescope

Telescope is an official Laravel package that provides an elegant debug assistant for your Laravel applications. It offers insights into your application’s requests, exceptions, queries, jobs, and more, making it an indispensable tool for Laravel developers.


4. Laravel Excel

Laravel Excel is a popular package for working with Excel files in your Laravel applications. It allows you to import, export, and manipulate Excel files easily, making it a great addition to any project that requires spreadsheet functionality.


5. Laravel Backup

Backing up your application’s data is essential, and Laravel Backup simplifies the process. This package enables you to create backups of your application’s files and databases, store them on various storage services, and even send notifications when backups are created.

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